Updates and 1 Year Anniversary YCH Special!
by Casscade
Upload Dates:

Hey all! Just some quickie updates!

Here's my update schedule for the upcoming pages:
Page 19- March 19th
Page 20- March 26th
1 Year Anniversary YCH- March 27th

The last 2 pages for this chapter are very background heavy. I'm making progress, but it's slow progress. But I should have everything done by these dates. ^^ Thanks for your patience!

1 Year Anniversary YCH Special

More info HERE

This March 27th is this comic's one year aniversary! Wanted to do something cute as a little thank you to all of you, so this is what I came up with:
Will pick 7 characters randomly (out of those that sign up of course), to fill out a 'your character here' type of page I scribbled up with my cast of weirdos. XD

The poses: 

If you are interested in getting a character drawn here, post your refs on this  thread here or send me a private message! Will post up the results on the 27th!

Thank you all! <33
And good luck! ^^
Returning Jan 15th + Chapter 2 Volunteer Critiques!
by Casscade
Return from Hiatus

Extremely sorry about the huge delay in pages! We got a puppy back in September and he's been quite a handful. XD For a while it was hard to find time to draw because I had to keep a constant eye on him. But he's mellowed out a bit since then, which has given me some much needed drawing time. SO I think I'm ready to jump right back into comic-ing again!
Setting the return date for JANUARY 15TH! This should give me enough time to build a small enough buffer as well.
Thank you all so much for your patience! Hope the wait will be worth it! ^^


Volunteer Readers

Anyone willing to volunteer to be a test reader for Chapter 2's roughs?
The first set of critiques was extremely helpful, so I'd like to do the same for the upcoming chapter as well. ^^ I'm still new at this so any sort of help would mean a lot to me! <3 Be as brutal as you'd like! lol
And just like last time, I will draw anyone that volunteers something in return for your time! As well as credit you once the first page goes up.
Thinking of setting the due date for the roughs for my b-day, FEB 12TH but of course it'll depend on how fast I can get them out. :B Will post an update closer to that time!
If you're interested, feel free to PM me on Comicfury and I'll send you a secret comic link once things are ready to go!
Thanks a bunch! <333
Next chapter focuses on the main two on a more individual/personal level, so I hope it'll be an entertaining read with what I have in mind!

Thank you all so much for being awesome! Wishing you all a lovely holiday season!! <333


Mini Comic Update: Test Readers?
by Casscade

Pssst! Heeeey! Just a mini update~
Been making progress annnnd I may actually have something readable soon! Well, sort of? XD

Looking for peeps who'd be willing to be test readers! My plan at the moment is to have a few volunteers take a look at my 20 page roughs and give feedback before I start finalizing things. This is my first time doing something big like this and I have like 0 experience when it comes to writing, so any help would be super appreciated (and please feel free to be as harsh as you want, I can take it XD). I figure it'll be less embarrassing to do things this way rather than immediately dumping out a finalized train-wreck. lol At least this way I can just fix things as I go along~

And of course for helping me out, I'll credit you once the real pages go up as well as toss in a little something as a thank you for your time. ;3

The deadline I have set is November 15th! On that day I'll upload everything whether it's finished or not and message volunteers a link to a secret comic site. I pretty much have everything planned and sketched out, I'm just pretty-ing things up so readers can actually make out what's going on in the pages. They'll still be super sketchy, but at least the characters will actually look like people rather than bald alien blobs. lol

If you're interested in being a test reader, feel free to either leave a comment or message me! Then when November 15th hits, I'll send you a private message. ;D

Thank you so much! And thank you for subbing! <333
AAA!!! I'm SUPER excited!!!! <333

Hopefully it won't be TOO cringey for you guys to read through! Lol! XDD

-Cass <3